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Discover our great range of pot sizes (6.5 cm, 9 cm and 13 cm short models, a 13 cm tall model, a 17 cm pot and a 17 cm dish and a 23 cm dish), the various plant sizes, sleeves, labels and trays;

Discover how strong our Spathiphyllums are. Their strength allows them to stay in good condition for longer during transport and gives them a long shelf life at the point of sale;

Discover our customisation, even for the end clients during the production and processing phases, and in the logistical options;

Discover the great availability of products that enable the supply of very large quantities to the retail market.

Discover our quality. During the production process, we place a high priority on producing a high-quality product.

Discover our flexibility. Depending on the size and complexity of the order, we seamlessly adapt the team, working hours and other variables;

Discover our speed, too. Once a telephone order has been placed, a mixed cart of Spathiphyllums in various pot and dish sizes can be prepared very quickly for transport and, depending on the transport timetable, can be on their way to you very shortly afterwards;

Discover our digital ordering methods. Ordering through Florecom ensures greater clarity and prevents miscommunications - efficient and effective!

Discover our dedication: through major investments in automation, we can devote more time to innovation and client management;

Discover the benefits, not just in terms of financial profits in the short term but also in the benefits in terms of business relations in the longer term. We know that the longer you do good, honest and dedicated business with each other, the more you can count on each other. As a result, you can do good business with each other in prosperous times but also in periods when the demand is a little lower .