Welcome to Van der Voort

Those who discover the possibilities we offer and apply them in their businesses automatically come up with new ideas. Our new product concepts provide you with outstanding answers to the market’s questions and demands. We cultivate and supply top-quality Spathiphyllums (often also known as Peace Lilies) and add unique value. Discover everything on our site and contact us if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like a quote.

Discover our strengths such as the great variety of plant sizes and pot sizes, our customisation, our flexibility, our speed and our logistics;

Discover our customisation, for you as our client, in sleeves and trays. Labelling can even be carried out for the end clients. Discover too our added value lines per sales channel;

Discover our flexibility in contributing ideas and our speed of delivery;
Discover the great availability of products that make the supply of very large quantities to the retail market possible.